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The Louisiana International Terminal will give the Gulf Coast its premier container shipping gateway while creating jobs and opportunities for Louisiana. 

The Premier Gulf Gateway

The number of shipping containers moving in and out of the U.S. has increased significantly over the last ten years. To meet the industry's growing needs, the Port of New Orleans is investing in a new $1.8 billion container terminal project—The Louisiana International Terminal. The proposed terminal will serve vessels of all sizes, providing goods to support Louisiana's homes and businesses. This modern maritime gateway will also create family-supporting jobs, generate new opportunities throughout the state, and keep Louisiana competitive.

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Map showing location of Louisiana International Terminal

The Need for a Terminal

Louisiana's economy relies heavily on maritime trade. A new terminal will enable Port NOLA to serve the larger ships that are coming into service and stay competitive.

Louisiana with the Louisiana International Terminal by 2050:

  • 18,000+ new direct and indirect jobs
  • $1+ Billion new state tax revenue
  • $97.3 billion gained in industry sales

Without the terminal, Louisiana will lose major economic benefits by 2033: 

  • 9,552 existing jobs lost
  • $205 million existing state taxes lost
  • $10.3 billion in industry sales lost
Source: Lewis Terrell and Associates, Louisiana International Container Growth: The Economic Impact of the Louisiana International Terminal 2023 Q1 Update. February 2023

Project Funding

Funding commitments so far show project support at the state and federal levels, as well as within private industry.

Committed as of June 2024

$500 Million +

Port of New Orleans

$180 Million

Louisiana Legislature

$800 Million


$74 Million

U.S. Department of Transportation MEGA Grant

$226 Million

U.S. Department of Transportation Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) grant


The Louisiana International Terminal will harness Port NOLA’s premium connectivity via rail, road, and river.

4 critical
Interstate systems

with a new St. Bernard Transportation Corridor in progress 

6 Class I

via the New Orleans Public Belt

14,500 miles
of inland waterways that connect 31 states upriver

30+ inland hubs
including Dallas, Memphis, Chicago, and Canada

Group 108.png Port NOLA is in an unparalleled position to offer future trade opportunities and boost regional economic growth with this new international container terminal.

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Project Timeline

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Community Resources

What is this third roadway I keep hearing about?

What is this third roadway I keep hearing about?

Port NOLA is working with regional and state agencies on a potential elevated roadway outside the levees along the 40 Arpent Canal. This parallel project would give St. Bernard Parish another connection to the interstate system. The roadway project is also known as the St. Bernard Transportation Corridor. 

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What will happen to W. Smith Jr. Elementary School?

What will happen to W. Smith Jr. Elementary School?

W. Smith Jr. Elementary School is located within the terminal’s proposed boundaries. Port NOLA is ready to fund the construction of a new elementary school within Violet. We have identified two potential locations for the new school on land Port NOLA already owns.

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Why Violet for the Louisiana International Terminal?


Why Violet for the Louisiana International Terminal? 

Violet, Louisiana is the ideal location for the terminal with:

  • Naturally deep water at the dock
  • Access to four interstates
  • Six Class-I rail connections
  • 100-year level hurricane protection
  • Excellent waterside navigation
  • No height restrictions for ships, such as bridges
  • Ability to enhance local transportation infrastructure

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Recent Updates

Governor Jeff Landry and Louisiana Legislature Commit $230.5 Million to Port NOLA Infrastructure Projects including the Louisiana International Terminal and St. Bernard Transportation Corridor

The recent 2024 regular session of the Louisiana Legislature committed $230.5 million to Port of New Orleans (Port NOLA) infrastructure projects including the Port’s new downriver container terminal, the Louisiana International Terminal (LIT) and the St. Bernard Transportation Corridor, which is envisioned to connect the $1.8 billion LIT to the interstate system and deliver a road that has long been sought after by St. Bernard Parish leaders and residents. 

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Port NOLA Recognizes Senator Kennedy for Ongoing Support of Infrastructure Development in St. Bernard Parish

The St. Bernard Transportation Corridor, a long-needed roadway for St. Bernard parish taht will connect the new $1.8 billion Louisiana International Terminal (LIT) to the interstate system, will receive $15 million in federal funding as part of the recently passed Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies (THUD) Act for 2024.

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Port NOLA Announces $226 Million Landmark Grant Award for the Louisiana International Terminal Project

The Port of New Orleans (Port NOLA) today announced that it has been awarded an additional $226,220,195 million in federal grant dollars to assist in building the Louisiana International Terminal (LIT), which will create thousands of jobs, drive the economy and position Louisiana as the premier international Gulf gateway.

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