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Jobs and Workforce Development

The Louisiana International Terminal will create jobs for St. Bernard Parish and the state. As business increases over time, more family-supporting jobs will be available both on and off the terminal. A recent economic study shows the project will act as an economic driver for generations.

Job Creation Over Time

*Based on the economic impact of construction and operations. Source: Lewis Terrell and Associates, Louisiana International Container Growth: The Economic Impact of the Louisiana International Terminal. April 2021
Personal income expected to increase by 15% in St. Bernard Parish by 2050.*

Creating Jobs and Opportunities

  • Construction workers
  • Dock Workers
  • Terminal managers
  • Logistics coordinators
  • Clerks and inspectors
  • Customs agents
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Equipment operators
  • Information technology professionals
  • Business and financial operations staff
  • Security staff

  • Manufacturing
  • Rail, water, & truck transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Warehouse & storage
  • Restaurants
  • Wholesale trade

To help locals apply for jobs, the Port is working on workforce development and job training concepts.

  • The Port of New Orleans is partnering with:
  • Louisiana Economic Development (LED) Fast Start
  • The International Longshoremen's Association
  • Local Community Colleges
  • Regional and Local Economic Development Organizations

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Recent Updates

Louisiana International Terminal Open Houses

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend our LIT Open Houses! Although nearly 200 St. Bernard residents joined us, we understand that not everyone could attend these in-person. That’s why we created an online version of the events with the same information! 

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